Crossfit Syosset/ Sunday, April 22nd

I hear a lot about Women not wanting to do Crossfit Because they are going to get big.
Well let me school you on what actually happens to women when they do Crossfit.  They look athletic, muscular and amazing.

Now there is the other side of the spectrum where Crossfit doesn’t  exist but yet women seem to gravitate towards even thought it looks unhealthy.  It’s called disease
Eating a salad a day and spend an hour on the stationary bike will surely have you ending up in the “Disease” side of the spectrum.
I don’t know where this incredibly ridiculous Idea started from (I’m assuming the women magazines from the 80’s)
but it won’t get you looking how you want too.

What happens when you don’t eat?  Well, most importantly your body lacks the nutrition, vitamins and minerals to grow, rejuvenate, repair, maintain or add muscle, force your bones into an Osteoporosis state and make your body think you are starving therefore telling your body not to release fat cells.
Voluntarily putting your body into starvation mode will assure you that you will not lose weight healthy but will also make sure that you won’t be able to lose the fat that exists on your body that you can’t seem to shed, because your body knows that if you lose that last fat you’ll be dead!

So why the starving crisis?  Well, I’m assuming because women are afraid to eat.  They think if they eat they will get fat.
Quite the contrary it’s the opposite, you need to eat to lose weight and eat a lot.
As long as you are eating the right food and not stuffing your face with cheesecake and small packs of cookies (they have to be good there small) you will lose fat.
Food is what makes you look big, not training.  Most women don’t posses the amount of testosterone in them to get “Big”
so stop the nonsense.

Keep biking and doing hours and hours of Cardio you say?
Well I call Bullshit on that one too.  If you don’t workout with weights your bones will never strengthen, your muscles will never grow and you will look like a girl with a flabby butt and sagging body parts with no muscle to hold them up.
What do you think make you look tight?
It isn’t the Treadmill.
What do you think gives you a nice Ass!
It isn’t the stationary bike.

If you want to look athletic and have muscles, lose that loose skin under your arms and stop the saggy Ass look, if you want to rid yourself of sloppy boobs and lose abdomen skin, if this all disgusts you then you need to start lifting weights.
Long gone are the days of only men do weights, Long gone do men rule the Iron game, Long gone are there only women on the cardio side and men on the weights side of the gym!

Hell no my friends
Everyone is lifting weights now, men, women and children so step up to the plate and stop wasting your precious time in the gym running, biking and sitting on the elliptical machine.



Perform  Each movement @45/18:
10 Reps Double Kettlebell Deadlift
10 Reps Double Kettlebell Swings
5   Reps Double Kettlebell Snatch
5   Reps Double Kettlebell Thruster
3   Reps Each Leg Double Kettlebell Overhead Lunges

With a Partner Perform as many complexes as you can in 25 Minutes

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