Crossfit Syosset/ Friday, December 2nd

Some of you have been sneaking a false 1 Rep Max behind my back!
Let me explain something, the program is designed to work with your 1 Rep Max, if you don’t use it it won’t work correctly.
The best you can do it try and figure out what you think it would be but that means if the weight is too light you need to raise the weight.
Your last set of 2 at 92.5 % is not just to match up to a radio station!

It’s for a reason.
So, try and figure out as close as you can get it to your max so we don’t waste our time with this program.
Thank you and come again

Hollow Rock
3 minute plank (if you can’t do 3 minutes try and work your way up to it.)

Bench Press
35% 6 reps
45% 5 reps
60% 4 reps
70% 3 reps

Work Sets:
80% 2 Reps
86% 2 Reps
92.5% 2 Reps

1o Rounds 5 reps
Deadlift @65% Max
HandStand Push Up

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