Crossfit Syosset/ Friday, January 26th

Alright, we had some good success with the Clean maxes.  I consider brushing up on your technique and improving your overall clean having success.
I don’t necessary mean that you have to get a new max.  I just love to hear “I got it”!
One thing you guys need to work on is You really need to get your receiving position better than were we are at now.
A lot of you guys are missing easy lifts because of your poor rack position, and by poor rack position I mean You  are receiving the bar with your elbows pointed towards the floor and the bar resting on your wrists instead of resting on your shoulders.
C’mon man!
Work on this shit and you’ll have it in no time!  Once you get your rack your max will skyrocket!
Don’t ignore me please!


If you missed anything do it today!


10 Rounds
1 Legless Rope Climb
3 Handstand Push ups  (strict)
6 Burpee
12 Swings @70/55

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