Crossfit Syosset/ Thursday, January 25th

Man!   So many of you guys Hit pr’s on your Snatch the other day.  I get so fucking pumped when you guys not only hit PR’s but just actually “Get” the movement.  Oly lifting is not easy, we don’t do it as much as you need to to get really good at it (which would be everyday) so when you guys figure it out it’s fucking awesome!
I can’t tell ya how much I love sitting there with you and working on a single lift over and over and achieving something in the end.  Even if it’s just You getting something you didn’t have before, that’s why I do what I do.

For those of you that didn’t get a PR, don’t fret.
This is why you need to write down what it is you are doing.  Think about it, if the last time you were testing your maxes you were eating perfect and sleeping well and now you’re eating like crap and working a lot not getting enough sleep this will play into it.
So, we’ll be finding our max Clean tomorrow I will be there all day tomorrow, (Thursday) if anyone wants to come and work on it get your ASS down there.  Either in a class or during open gym will work.
Let me know if you want to work on something and I’ll make sure I’m available.


Find your Max



Bike For Calories (you can either Row for Cal or wait till a bike opens up)
Thruster @135/95

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