Crossfit Syosset/ Friday, June 29th

It’s Friday!  Yay!
If you have been doing really well eating during the week and the weekends seem to be your nemesis this is time to change that shit!
Remind yourself that it’s all a habit, you’re not addicted to food it’s just a habit that you have picked up from eating shitty over the weekends for so long.  Once your break the habit and start eating well over the weekend its over!!!!
Done, never happen again.  I can tell you what will happen again.
What will happen is you will never reach your fitness goals if you don’t break the habit of “eating shitty weekends”.
So let’s end this cruel crappy thing someone started way back when.
Yea man it’s the weekend, lets eat shit and drink ourselves to oblivion!!!
No, NO NO NO!  Don’t let yourself fall into this controllable habit!

Take control and just stop it!!!

I can guarantee if you make it through the weekend you will be so happy and that will start a snowball effect, from then on it will just start running and running till wall!  You have reached your goal!


Bench Press
Superset the two excersises both three sets till failure for each, Flyes first


15 Min Amrap

10 Reps D-Ball clean and press
20 Reps K.B. Overhead Lunges (10 Each leg)
10 Reps Toes To Bar

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