Crossfit Syosset/ Friday, March 31st

Today is Burpee Day number 89, 11 more days!
There’s gotta be around 20 people left in the challenge, most we’ve ever had.  So being that everyone who stayed in the challenge loves it I have an idea.
How about we do the challenge backwards now?  So on day 100 we finish the challenge going forward and the next day we would do another 100 and then start counting down to 1.
Sounds like a great idea to me.
Who’s in!
Anyone who feels terrible that they didn’t do the challenge can now complete it, you’re very welcome.
So it’s a plan right.


Dumbbell side laterals 12 reps 

Dumbbell front raise 12 reps 
Barbell Shoulder Press till failure
Barbell Push Press  till failure
Barbell Split Jerk  till failure 

Let me explain:  

Two or Three people will set up a circuit of one set of dumbbells and 1 Barbell.  One person will go through the circuit while the others wait.  
You will complete 12 laterals, 12 front raises then immediately go into the Shoulder presses till failure, as soon as you hit failure keep going with push presses till failure and then finish with the Jerks.
Then the next person will go.
Keep doing this till each person completes 4 sets of the circuit.


100 Double Unders 
10 Rounds 
15 Deadlift @135/95
15 Push Ups
The Double Unders are only done once  before the 10 rounds starts.  
If your double under suck and you are working on them do 3 minutes of double under to starts, NO SINGLES!

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