Crossfit Syosset/ Friday, May 4th

I don’t know why this is still going on but unfortunately it is, there is an epidemic of Flat Asses going on and it’s not getting any better due to all the Cardio Crazy women.
Let me explain what Cardio does to you.  First, yes you burn calories but only calories are burned while you are doing the cardio movements, once you stop you do just that you stop burning calories.
If you train intensely with weights however you burn calories till the cows come home.
Second if you do so much cardio that you forget to eat you are probably burning muscle also and not just fat.
Third, you are not putting on any muscle at all!  With no muscle on your body you look like a skeleton with skin hanging off you.

So if the look you are going for is the hanging skin, skeleton look keep riding the bike and sitting on the elliptical machine for an hour.
If you want to look like a woman and have a beautiful athletic look start lifting weights!

Here’s what you look like when you do cardio all day and when you lift weights:

As you can see the woman on the left who obviously does not lift any weight at all suffers from what I like to call “Noassatall” disease.  This disease causes a beautiful women’s body to look like that of a street sign pole with a hole in the back of it.
You can see that there is no difference between her Butt and her Back.  If she wasn’t wearing a bathing suit you wouldn’t know where her back ended and her Ass begins.
Myself, I find this vulgar and disgusting.  She should be put in prison for violating a woman’s body.
Now, on the right we have what I like to call “Holy Mother of Christ, What in the name of all that is Holy”.  This woman whom obviously spends a good amount of time lifting weights, specifically under the bar in the squat rack deserves a metal for what she had done to her body!

Now that you know what happens when you do or don’t lift and squat you have no excuses if you still look like the woman on the left.  Don’t destroy what God Gave you,  Squat heavy and embrace the Booty!

#stop-the-cardio-and-start-lifting , a Booty is a terrible thing to waste!

15 Min Amrap
5   Hang Muscle Snatch @95/65
10 Overhead Lunges @95/65  (5 each leg)
15  Box Jumps @24/20


30 seconds on 30 seconds off
Stone lift
8 minute total

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