Crossfit Syosset/ Thursday, May 3rd

The Body Fat Truck is coming on May 12th, there are still a lot of spots available. I Don’t really understand this.

Anyone who constantly weighs themselves should definitely be taking this body fat test.  This is the only measurement you should be using to measure your progress.
Using the scale means nothing at all, you all know this.  Look!!!!:

This picture says it all, what it says is “the scale means absolutely nothing at all” .  The scale gives you no information other than your bodyweight which by the picture you can see means nothing.
What means a lot?
Your Body fat!!!  That is what means a lot.

You can literally workout and eat well for a year and lose 10 lbs of fat and gain 1o lbs of muscle and the scale won’t move at all!
Why would you put such faith in something that gives such little information about you?
It makes no sense at all to keep weighing yourself, none!
So stop!

The only way to know if you are doing well is to keep doing your body fat.
You will drive yourself crazy (which most of you have done already) if you keep looking at the scale and using that to measure your success or lack of.
So, you can keep doing it your way or you can sign up for the Body fat truck and start taking what you are doing with your health seriously.
Even the Dr you go to has no idea what he is talking about when he says you are overweight!  How the fuck does he know you’re overweight if he doesn’t know your body fat %.
I’ve been obese for years according to Dr’s!
C’mon do yourself a solid and get your body fat taken.


KB Swings @55/35
Push up


Back Squat
6 x 3 @85%
3 Reps every 75 seconds

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