Crossfit Syosset/ Monday, August 20th


Back squat
20 Rep Squat
Add 5 lbs from last Monday and try to complete all 20 reps at that same weight.


Every Minute on the minute Complete
5    Pull ups
10  Push ups
15  Air Squat
This is not A 30 Minute AMRAP, it is an EMOM

There are several ways of scaling this workout, You can either try to complete it Every Minute and if you fall behind you can turn it into an AMRAP.
Or, if you are sure that you aren’t going to be able to complete it Every minute you can start by decreasing the amount of reps and try to complete that every minute.
For Example you can try 3 Pull ups, 7 Push Ups and 10 Air Squat
Either way whatever you choose, try and make sure you do full range of motion.
I know it’s not easy to keep it up when you’re exhausted but it really makes no sense to do half range of motion.

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