Crossfit Syosset/ Monday, August 21st


Overhead Squat

5 x 3
Add weight from last Monday, doesn’t have to be a ton of weight.
Even 2 lbs is substantial.  By now if you are adding 10 lb plates you are going way too light.



This wod is from the 2017 Games.  You’ll be shocked too hear the best time was 10 minutes and 46 seconds.  NO, this is not a misprint it’s just fucking insane.   The worst score was 20 minutes, there was a 15 minute cap so the last place went over the cap by 5 minutes.
With this said, here’s what you should do:
Scale and modify the shit out of this wod so you can finish in under 15 minutes.
Here’s what you don’t do:
Spend 30 minutes on this wod

100 pull-ups
80 GHD sit-ups
60 one-legged squats, alternating
40-cal. row
20 dumbbell push presses

M 100-lb. dumbbell
F 70-lb. dumbbell

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