Crossfit Syosset/ Monday, August 7th

*****We have a new Bodyfat Truck coming Soon!
One of our own members went into the business of Body Fat so now we have no issue with getting the truck here, plus it’s a new truck so all you guys who felt like it was disgusting going in the tank now don’t have to worry it’s not disgusting when it’s new!   Not to mention the price is much much cheaper than the old Truck, this means hopefully you guys will wait to keep doing it to make sure you’re staying on track.  Actually all you nut jobs that weigh yourself everyday should be really excited, you should be doing this every other month instead of weighing yourself everyday.
So now we have no excuses, we have a cheap true way of measuring your body fat!!
Much more valuable than the scale!!!!!
I know, I’m the bestest ever!
Maybe we can get Matt here quite often because it’s so cheap!

I’ll keep you posted on the exact date Matt will be Bringing the truck here.

*****Also something some of you maybe interested in, my cousin lives in Jersey where she owns a business that she sees people and helps them discover there energy and spirit, it’s very spiritual stuff.  I know some of you guys are deep into spiritual shit.  So I figured this would interest some of you.
Here’s a little info, I thought if some of you want to do it we could make a schedule for the day she visits.

—Optimal wellness consists of a healthy mind, body, and spirit. That is why we are hosting intuitive wellness expert, Dimitria Stevenson, at our facilities in September. Understanding the centers of your spiritual power are key to vibrant health and healing. In Dimitria’s 60 minute session she will look at each of your 7 chakras and your overall aura/energy field to open the communication flow with spirit.

Ask her questions around the fitness goals you might be struggling with. Have you hit a plateau or mental block you can’t seem to break through. Is there an injury you can’t seem to recover from and need additional insight. Additionally, she can answer any questions you have around love, money and career.

To learn more about her session check out her website

Her rate is $140 per/hour but will be at a discount of $75 for your session.

Did anyone get a chance to watch the 2017 Crossfit Games?
Those guys are animals and then there’s the Guys!   Unbelievable the shit they do, so much work in such a short amount of time.  Notice most of the events are short and intense right?
Or maybe you didn’t notice that?
I believe right now Matt Fraser can’t lose and for the Women I think it’s up in the air.


Overhead Squat
5 x 3
Add 5 lbs from last week


3 Rds For Time
Row 500 meters
Deadlift 21 Reps @50%
12 Pull Ups

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