Crossfit Syosset/ Monday, January 16th

Lou and Shauna are just two people that listened to the advice I gave regarding lowering the weight and adding more modifications to make it through the workout super fast.

And it helped, both of them were super sore after performing the workouts with a lighter weight and using a band for their pull ups to move much faster than normal through  the workouts.

The intensity is much higher when you’re moving fast.  Using a heavy weight that doesn’t allow you to move quickly gives your body time to rest.  Rest is the enemy, we take rest when we do the lifting portion of the workout.  When performing the metcon it is supposed to be done as quickly as possible.  I know that you want to lift heavy and do what the Rx weight says to do on the board but seriously if you can’t move fast with the Rx weight don’t do it.
Even with the pull ups, I know it is an accomplishment doing pull ups with no band, a huge accomplishment but don’t let ego get in the way of making a great workout into a struggle and a less effective workout.

If it worked for Lou and Shauna it will work for you.

Hollow Rock
3 Min plank

5 x 8 @60%
Perform 8 reps every 2 min

Thruster @95/65

Bonus Workout:
60 Burpees for Time!!!!

*****In case you haven’t noticed I have been trying to keep everyone in the Burpee challenge by using them in the wods.
If you have not done any since the 1st day you would have to do 120 total reps today.  So I would suggest doing the workout and then blowing through the Bonus wod as fast as you can!*****

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