Crossfit Syosset/ Friday, January 13th

Will just joined us this week, Which means most of you don’t know him.   Those of you that do know him would say that dudes always smiling!   Yea, he is.  Will seems like a great guy that’s just genuinely happy.
Will has a goal, he wants to lose 200 lbs.  Most of us would say, “Wow, that’s a lot of weight to lose it might be tough.  But for Will it’s just another 200 lbs!
That’s right he already lost 200 lbs and is going to lose another 200!

This is definitely going to happen, if I gotta wake his Ass up everyday and drag him to the gym by his underwear he’s going to lose this weight.  Personally I think this will be a piece of cake, haha.
Will has the determination and I won’t let it not happen.  I will take it personally if Will doesn’t complete this goal and I’ll have a hard time with us not completing this goal of ours.

To assure us that this does happen I am recruiting all of you to help make this happen.  We are going to take Will’s Picture every month just like this one so we will all be able to see the progression take place.  I told Will he came to the right place to make this happen because of the support from everyone in the gym.
Show Will your support and maybe your story.

Let Will know you are on his side and are very supportive of him making this happen.

If you can’t seem to get yourself to the gym cause of some excuse you have told yourself over and over again, Email Will maybe he can tell you wtf is wrong with you.

We’ll see how Will does next month when we take our picture again.


Hollow Rock
V Up
3 Min Plank


Bench Press
6 x 6 @70%


12 Min Amrap
25 Double Unders
10 Power Cleans @155/100
5 Muscle Ups

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