Crossfit Syosset/ Monday, January 22nd

Not sure about how you guys felt over the weekend but I felt like crap, think I had a bit of a cold along with myself Phil had one also.
If you are sick, your spouse is sick, your kids are sick, your in parents or in laws are sick or your pets are sick Please do not come to the gym unless you are recovered from your sickness.
If you just got sick, are in the middle of being sick or are at the end of being sick, please don’t risk handing off the sickness to everyone at the gym by coming into the gym while your still under quarantine.

Thank You


Split Jerk
1 Rep Max
You can do a Split Jerk or a push Jerk whichever you are more comfortable with.


Deadlift @275/155
Box Jumps @30/24
Toes 2 Bar

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