Crossfit Syosset/ Monday, March 27th

Who snacks at night while watching TV just because it’s nighttime and you’re watching TV?
Is there a specific show you watch while snacking, or is it just TV in general?
If you’re looking to drop weight this is what’s called a “bad fuckin habit”.
What do we do with bad habits? We break em!
Of course, if you’re looking to gain weight and look sloppy this would be considered a good habit.
So, I guess it’s all how you look at it.
If you are part of the group looking to drop weight it’s time to break the habit. How do you break the habit of snacking at night?
You stop doing it! There’s no magic trick. It’s the same as trying to lose weight, stop over stuffing your face. Once you stop doing this stuff for several days the habit will disappear and a new one will reappear. Hopefully this new habit does not involve food.
Creating new habits is what it takes to change your lifestyle and start eating well. Most of when and what we eat is habitual.
So, break the shit habits and replace them non shit habits and you’ll start looking the way you want to look.

Back squat
5 x 8 @ 65%
Work with a partner, your partner is your rest.

5 Sets
10 Double Kettlebell Swings (45/26)
8 Double Kettlebell Cleans (45/26)
6 Double Kettlebell Thruster (45/26)
1 Min Rest Between Sets

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