Crossfit Syosset/ Monday, March 5th

Mitch and I made a Happy little video for everyone to enjoy.  We had a blast making it, I hope you guys have a great time watching it.  It’s Mitch’s first ever motion picture so give him a chance.


We’re going to try something a little different and see how it works out.  No more will we be lifting before the Wod, we’ll be performing the workout first and then the lift right after.
So, the idea of “Crossfit Fit” is to be ready for anything at any time.  This means just as they shell out in the Open being able to lift heavy weight right after a grueling workout.  If you are “Crossfit Fit” You should be able to complete the lift with no issue right after the wod.

We’re going to do just like the Open Wod, this way we’ll be ready for it when it comes.
So from now on you’ll see the wod that will include the skill right after it.
There will be an allotted time slot for the lift afterward.
Something like this:

Workout:      15 Min Amrap
Power Snatch @115/75   5 Reps
Toes To Bar                       10 Reps
Double Unders                 20 Reps

Right after the 15 Minute is up complete:

Hi Bar Back Squat            10 x 2  Every 60 Seconds

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