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Hello, How are you?

Does everyone have the App My Fitness Pal?    If you don’t and you are interested in losing some Fat off of your body, get it.
If you weren’t around at the time I did my experiment let me explain it to you.

For 30 days I decided to eat shit, and by shit I mean Burger king, McDonalds, Cookies, etc… never any good food at all.
But I did eat the right amount of calories for me to lose fat which was if I remember correctly 2600 calories for me to lose 1 lb a pound a week  ( you don’t want to lose too much weight right away and lower your calories too much or your body will go into starvation mode and you won’t lose shit).
So as the days went on and I stuffed my Fat ass with Big Macs and Vienna Fingers (You all know what Vienna Fingers are don’t lie) sacrificing my life expectancy for YOU I found that I was losing weight!
Turns out at the end of the 30 days I did lose weight, 9 lbs to be exact!!!
Crazy right!!

Why am I telling you this?
Because it’s this simple.

Download the App (My Fitness Pal) once you put all your info in and find out the amount of calories you should be eating to lose say a half a pound, a pound , or even a pound and a half a week you just eat and input your food into the app and it tells you how many calories you are allowed for the rest of the day.
Then just keep eating till your calories are complete.

Remember you can’t go over OR UNDER your allotted calories.  Very important to remember that, eating to little is just as bad as eating to much… well maybe not just as bad but it’s bad.
Anyways my point is it’s so easy.  Theres nothing left for me to do besides eat the food for you.

As far as what to eat that is up to you, I only ate shit because I wanted to see it a calorie was really a calorie.  Well it is.
But you may want to eat a better choice of foods but I’m not your mama so you do what you want.
However I do believe that because you are burning every calorie you eat (as long as you are eating less than your burning )
that the type of food doesn’t mess up your blood work.  If you were trying to put on mass and therefore were eating an abundance of calories to add weight then I believe bad food would effect your health.  But when you are burning all of the calories you eat I don’t believe it does.

Here’s the breakdown in order of importance for Fat loss using the My Fitness Pal App.
1.  Caloric intake
2. Type of food
3.  When and how many times you eat throughout the day.


10 min Amrap


Double KB swing

Push Up

Right after the Amrap is complete:

Front squat      7 x 3    Every 75 seconds

High Hang Squat Clean      5 x 2    Every 60 Seconds


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