Crossfit Syosset/ Monday, November 27th

After many requests we’ll be doing the 20 rep squats again.
They not only get you strong as fuck, they also get you in great condition.
So, every Monday for 8 weeks we’ll be doing the 20 rep routine. If you happen to miss a Monday be sure to make up the squats either the next day or Wednesday so you get enough rest.
The 20 reps should be a grueling 20 reps, not just a leisurely 20 reps, so make sure you’re doing what you can each week.
This is important, make sure you are doing full range of motion for all 20 reps, half reps are silly.

20 reps Back Squat @50-55%
This is 20 consecutive reps. You can rest but you cannot return the bar to the rack till all 20 reps are completed.
Be sure to treat each rep as if it’s a 1 rep max.

6 sets with 1 min rest between sets
15/12 Cal. Assault
5 Burpee Box jump overs 34/24″

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