Crossfit Syosset/ Monday, November 6th

Let me explain how this lifting thing works.
In order for your body to HAVE to change it needs to feel the stress of doing something or not being able to do something
like lifting something heavier than it is used to.
If you keep doing the same weight every time you lift nothing will change.
So, when we are doing cleans and you stick with 45 lbs regardless of the amount of reps of sets we are doing, this will do absolutely nothing.
You women in the gym are women, you’re not old frail and weak pieces of cow dung. ¬†You’re strong fit athletes that train hard so you need to act like it.
I think sometime just because you are females you think you should not be lifting heavier than you can or pushing yourself to go heavier and heavier.
When I see a dude clean and struggles to catch the weight and stand up I should see the same thing with females.
I don’t want to see anymore you guys not trying to lift heavier weights.

If you are going to spend the time doing what we are doing you might as well try and do it to the best of your ability, and you guys have way more ability than you give yourselves credit for.
If I feel like you are not performing the movement well I won’t let you do heavy weight.
If I am telling you to go heavier I know that you can do it, so trust me and trust yourselves.
Start struggling to get more weight and you’ll start to see more results.

Here’s an article if you don’t trust me:


Back Squat
7 x 2 Add 2-5 lbs from last Monday
2:30 Between sets

For example All 7 sets should be a struggle, we are working with what should be heavy weight for everyone so make sure you lift heavy.


Every even minute is 10 calories on the Bike
Every odd minute is 10 Burpees
Complete this for a total of 16 Minutes

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