Crossfit Syosset/ Monday, October 25th

Is everyone still trying to eat well?

I have another request, for those of you who watch entirely too much Television.
Try doing this, every time you sit down to watch T.V. open a book instead. I mean
I still leave the T.V. on but if it is going to entice you to watch it, then don’t.
It’s great, instead of participating in having yourself manipulated through advertisements and
political bullshit and Shows with hidden agendas, you will actually read something you are interested in!
Give it a month, you’ll feel so much better.

Back Squat
20 Reps @55% of max.
20 reps without returning the bar to the rack.
You can rest with the bar on your back till you finish.


Run 800
30 Swings @70/55
10 Pull up
Run 400
20 Swings
20 Pull up
Run 200
10 Swings
30 Pull up

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