Crossfit Syosset/ Monday, October 30th


Row 1k
30 Back Squats 135/95
30 Power Clean 135/95
Run 1 mile
As you can see there is no strength today. So, because of this you should treat the 30 back squats as if it were your strength.
What I mean is, you should try and do a heavy weight and not just a light weight so you can get through the 30 reps without stopping, unless of course you are doing Rx weight and you are still able to get 30 reps in a row.
Either way, try and go heavy on both exercises.
Also, these are full range back squats. What that means is, do not try and go heavy doing 3/4, 1/2 or even worse, 1/4 reps.
That makes no sense at all. Full range is where it’s at holmes, so do it!!
If by any chance you are unsure what a full range squat looks like you should put a medicine ball under your ass. This will assure your and me that you’re actually doing a full range squat. Ya know what would be really cool?
If everyone put a ball under their ass. This way there’s no confusion as to who did what, right?
If your normal squat is full range, this shouldn’t be an issue. You should be more than happy to put a ball under your ass!
However, if you constantly fool yourself into thinking your squats are full range this may be a bit of a shot to your ego.
Anyways, let’s all join the ass to balls squat. What do ya say?!

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