Crossfit Syosset/ Tuesday, October 31st


Bike 120/92 cals
30 Bench press 135/95
30 Deadlift 185/95
Ski 1k
Same focus as yesterday, making sure you do everything correctly. It helps on the bike if every 10 or 20 calories you go fast for 10 cals, for the Ski erg
try and do the same, 10 fast pulls every 10 or 20 cals.
With the bench press make sure you’re using your legs, driving into the floor, keeping your elbows directly under the barbell, and pushing the weight with your Lats.
With the deadlift you’re focusing on keeping your spine in a neutral position and using your hips horizontally to move the weight. The bar stays in a straight line close to your body the throughout the lift.
Obviously if you need to lower the weight to keep good form and technique, please do so.
You don’t have to get 30 reps straight unless you’re able to do it with the Rx weight.

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