Crossfit Syosset/ Monday, September 10th

Let’s talk about another type of Fasting called Dry Fasting.
I’m pretty sure most of you haven’t encountered this before unless you have done it for religious reasons.
There are two types of Dry Fasting, Soft and Hard.
Soft being that you can shower and use water on your body that is not ingested.
A Hard dry fast is obviously not having any water ingested or not showering or coming in contact with water at all.
Even when it rains you have to wear a total waterproof rain suit!   (I’m not sure about that one, I made that up)

I know  this sounds a little crazy being that everyone always says you need water, you need a lot of water to stay hydrated.
This however is not necessarily true and the great part of not taking in water is YOU’LL BURN A SHIT LOAD MORE FAT!!!
Thats right, you will burn a substantial amount of Fat not drinking water or doing a dry fast.
Your body needs Water so when you don’t drink it your body creates Metabolic Water which is when your body used Fat to make it’s own water.  There you have it, Water From Fat!  Wala!
You can do this Dry Fast while Intermittent Fasting.  In fact, its better to do Intermittent Dry Fasting while following the Keto Diet because your body is already used to burning Fat For Fuel so you don’t get the normal headaches and fatigue from a normal Fast.

There are a ton of benefits from dry Fasting:
A Huge Anti Inflammatory Response!
Enhanced Cognitive Function
Balanced Lipid Panel
Lower Blood Pressure
Increase in Insulin Sensitivity
Promotes Healthy Bones

Again, If you are going to attempt this or any other Fast you may want to check with your Dr. to make sure you are in Good Health before you begin.


Back Squat

20 reps add 5 lbs from last week


Thruster @135/95
Bar Muscle Up
D Ball Clean to Shoulder

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