Crossfit Syosset/ Sunday, March 12th

I’m starting to think I don’t speak very good english, I mean I know my grammar needs some work but I didn’t think I am speaking another language.
Let me try again in English and if this doesn’t work I’ll talk to Kaitlyn and she can translate in a bunch of different languages.
Here we go,
You will not lose weight starving yourself.   Stop eating 800, 1000, 1200 and even a huge amount of 1400 calories and expect to lose fat, It isn’t going to happen.
You can keep trying and keep banging your head against the wall wondering why it isn’t working and it still won’t work.
What don’t you get, you have to eat to lose fat.  Your body will not let you lose fat unless you feed it enough to not put it in starvation mode, so stop the nonsense.

It’s not the workout, it’s not the scale, it’s not the time of day or the position of the Sun, it’s the fact that you don’t eat enough food.

What women’s magazine started this thing anyway?  When did they tell you to work yourself to death in the gym and go home and eat a carrot?
C’mon man think about it people that starve themselves and workout all day look like crap.
Athletes that stuff there faces with nutritious food and workout with intensity look great.

Stop blaming everything other than the fact that you don’t want to eat food the reason that you’re not losing fat.
It doesn’t matter what you blame, it’s still not going to work until you get it in your head that you need to eat.
No one’s BMR is 1200 calories so why is everyone stuck on that number?  Was this number in Shape magazine?

Stop it!  You’re driving me insane!

Look on your sheets that Keith gave you.  Your Daily Caloric intake is on there and I can guarantee 1,000% it doesn’t say eat 1200 calories.
I’ll tell ya what how about you try eating the amount your supposed to eat for shits and giggles and see what happens.
You’re not happy anyway so why not take a shot, imagine you lose some fat!
Wow, then what!

C’mon help me.

We’ll be doing the Open Wod again at 9am tomorrow Sunday.
Also Nick Tillman will be competing in an Olympic lifting contest Tomorrow, Sunday at 2:30pm at the Performance Athletic ctr in Garden city 645 Stewart Ave.

Take a ride down if you’re not busy tomorrow.

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