Crossfit Syosset/ Thursday, April 27th


Power Clean
Find your 1 Rep Max
After your warm up start doing your singles for your clean.  The bar must start on the floor and finish on your shoulders, you do not have to catch the weight in a full squat.  The Weight may be caught in any front squat depth you choose as long as it is not a Squat position because then it becomes a Squat Clean and we are not finding our 1 rep max squat clean we are finding our 1 rep max Power Clean, 2 totally different movements.

When doing the Power Clean Please be sure to as I always say 1,000 times a day take a deep breath in and tighten up your core and keep it there while you hold your breathe all the way through.
This progression might help.

1.  Step up to the bar so the bar is right on top of your last eyelit of your shoe, the last eyelit of your shoe is the one where the lace starts.
2.  Bend at the hips and grab the bar outside your shoulder width with a hook grip.
3.  Pull your body down towards the bar with your shoulders ending up slightly in front of the bar or directly over the bar and your butt slightly above your knee level, do not leave your butt way up in the air to start.
4.  Take a deep breath in, hold it and tighten up your core.  (Again we stay tight by pushing our guys forward not sucking it in.)  Retract your shoulder blades and hold them back tight all the way through the lift.
5.  Push your feet into the ground while pushing your knees back (THE BAR LEAVES THE GROUND AS SOON AS YOUR KNEES START TO MOVE BACK!!!!)  Keep the same hip angle from the bottom of the lift till the bar passes your knees.
6.  Once the bar passes your knees start extending your hip, when the bar reaches mid thigh level extend your hips, knees and ankles as hard as you possible can with no regret at all.
7.   Once you have reached full extension of your hips, knees, and ankles start shrugging and puling yourself under the bar as quickly as possible ripping your elbows under and around the barbell as you receive the barbell on the shoulders


4 Rounds
Run 400
25 Wall Ball
15 Toes To Bar

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