Crossfit Syosset/ Wednesday, April 26th

Ok, we’re gonna have our first ever networking gathering.
The party will be on Thursday, May 18th at 7:30pm.  Anyone and everyone who is a member the gym is invited to join us.
I’ve never been to one of these myself but I hear they are a great way for people to get together and drink and shit.
Whatever the reason is let’s do it

Levered buyouts, mergers and acquisitions and all that shit


Dumbbell Flyes 8 reps
Bench Press Drop Set
3 Sets Total

So one set will be one set of Flyes 8 reps then right into bench press till failure with a heavy weight then lower the weight right away and complete another set till failure and then one more time lower the weight and complete one more set till failure so 3 drops total.


Box Jump 24/20

Snatch @115/75

Muscle Up

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