Crossfit Syosset/ Thursday, February 16th

Single leg Deadlift w/ KB
4 x 10 each leg

5 Rounds :90 rest b/t rounds
500 Row
30 Wall Ball 20/14
10 Burpee over rower

I’m happy to report that tampons were not the main issue this time with the bathrooms.
I’m unhappy to report the real problem was the clorox wipes. Yes, someone is flushing clorox wipes down the toilet.
You’ve beaten the super duper shredder pump! According to the last plumber this was not a possibility. I’m not really sure how clorox wipes clog a pump specifically designed to shred anything in it’s path but, they don’t make shit like they used to.
I have an idea, it’s a stretch but I think it might help.
How about we flush absolutely nothing down the toilet but toilet paper. That actually may be why it’s called toilet paper, because it’s the only thing that should go down the toilet, except for shit and piss but that’s a given.
Let’s try and give this a go.
I think if we come together as a group and tackle this shit we can get it done.

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