Crossfit Syosset/ Thursday, February 1st

It’s about that time again!  The Open has rolled around, another year has passed which means it’s time for us to start the Open
For the Crossfit Games!   (Think Like Chariots of Fire Music in your head, and then Rocky II Music, the part where Adrian says Win!)

Here’s the website to sign up at

Sign up for the Games!  If you’re not sure about not only what the games are sign up anyway!
Reason being?
1.  It’s awesome!
2.  We’ll be doing the workouts anyway so why not.
3.   You’ll feel the difference between a regular intense workout and a Super Intense workout!
4.   You’ll feel the camaraderie of everyone in the gym.
5.  You’ll get in super duper shape during the Open!
6.  You’ll feel the lifestyle of the Open

That’s why!

So go to that link, read all about it and sign the Fuck UP!


Increase weight each rep
Move through this slowly, not do the reps slowly just move through the the reps slowly
Here’s an incredible Video on the Snatch, watch it!

Watch this video, it’s incredible


15 Minute Amrap
5   Pull up
10 Push up
15 Air Squat
So, most of the time when we do this wod Range of Motion goes out the window.
Which is a damn shame.  Not just for the mere fact that it’s cheating but also you’re not getting anything out of the workout.
Not completing full range is more cheating yourself than anyone else, you’re just not getting what you should be getting out of the workout.
It’s easy, when your doing push ups and pull ups just make sure your elbows are extended at one end and make sure your chest touches the ground or the Bar on the other end.
When you are doing squats make sure you are squat all the way down till your hip crease is below the top of your knee and at the top your hips and knees are fully extended.
It’s really not that hard, if you can’t do it just take a break then go back to it.

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