Crossfit Syosset/ Thursday, January 12th

So listen, you don’t need to kill yourself every time you step into the gym.
You don’t need to do Rx or even close to Rx if it is too heavy.
You don’t need to do the workout’s without modifying the movements or whatever it is you need to modify to move through the workout at a quick pace, and,
You don’t need to come to the gym everyday!
Especially if you’re really sore or feel beat up from coming to the gym 39 days in a row!

You are responsible for the pace of your workouts, you control the intensity. If you went fast and heavy two days in a row try going lighter and quicker the next day.
How you move through the workout should be based on how you feel, if you are sore try going lighter and moving faster. Likewise, if you feel good, try going heavy and fast. This is totally up to you, you just never want to make it too easy, this will not elicit the response we are looking for.
Try going lighter and modifying the movements so you can move through the workout without stopping. If you have never tried this, please do so. You don’t need to suffer through every workout, modify so you don’t have to stop.

Rest is goooooooood!!
Unless your rest days are determined by your work schedule or other parts of your life, take your rest days based on how you feel.
If you’ve come to the gym 4 days in a row and you are feeling super sore, stop! Take a day off and rest.
Give your body time to recover from the damage you’ve caused.
We make micro tears in our muscles when we train, when we recover the muscles heal and grow stronger and larger. If you never give your body a chance to heal from the damage you’ve caused your workouts become counterproductive.
Take your rest days, they are important!


EMOM x 28 minutes
(:40s on/ :20s off)
Double unders or sit in the corner and think about why you don’t have double unders yet
Lunges @DB or BW
Push Ups
KB Snatch @55/35

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