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This post is in regards to your training.
First we are after INTENSITY!  The higher the intensity the better results You’re going to get.  Once your decrease the intensity (like these other bootcamp 90 minute workouts out there ) you decrease the likelihood of getting good results.
One variable we use to increase intensity is speed, the speed of the workout (how fast you do it) is really important.
Which brings me to why I bring this topic up.

There are too many people focusing on lifting too much weight or doing body weight movements with no assistance which ends up slowing them down to the point of rest.
We don’t want to rest unless we are purposely performing an interval workout.

Here’s an example, you know how I love to bring them up.   Lou in the 11:30 class ( who is an awesome dude, this guy is 60 years old with no body fat and who works his ass off every time he walks through the door, did I mention he is 60 years old) was going to workout on Tuesday with no band for his pull ups.  I asked Lou to try using a strong band to help him get all 21 pull ups in a row for his first set and to rush through the burpees and dips as fast as he can, with full range of motion of course.

Well, Lou followed my advise and used a strong band and was able to blaze through the workout stopping very infrequently.
At the end Lou looked like he was going to die.  He sat down and turned a different color, when I asked him if he was ok he just nodded in every direction.
Once he was coherent again I asked him if he felt the difference and he responded.  Yes!  Holy shit yes!

This is what you are looking for, running through the workout as fast as you can using weight or assistance that will help you do that is a must.  I guarantee you you will feel a total difference and it will bring a new dimension to your training .

Try it!

5 Minute Plank

Front Squat
80%     x 2
86%     x 1
92.5%  x 4+

Thruster @135/95
C2B Pull ups

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