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I’m curious about something.   Do you guys ever come to a screeching halt in your training and ask yourself” am I doing something wrong?”  Why am I not looking the way i want to look?
Or anything to that effect?
Why do I ask?
Well, I would imagine that if you’re not getting the results you want you would start to wonder why right?
So, if this happens let me help you out with the answer.

You’re all training well, cause if it wasn’t I would let you know that you are either training like a lazy ass and need to step it up a little bit or you just don’t really care about your training and that’s not the case with anyone.
So with that in mind, here’s the reason you don’t look like you want to (if this is the case).
It’s your diet!
I’m gonna say for the umpteenth time there is no exercise that gets rid of your gut!
The only thing that gets rid of your gut is proper eating, and even that takes time.  Because you are eating well for a month does not mean that you will be ripped in a month.

It takes time and dedication to get where we all want to be, looking at the scale everyday won’t help that will just drive you nuts.
Here’s the key to looking awesome:
1.  Get on a good eating program and make it a lifestyle
2.  Stay on that good eating program without cheating or falling off
3.  Don’t look back, just make a plan and stick with it until 6 months down the road when you look amazing then you can weigh yourself if you want.
That’s it!

It’s nothing else than what I just said right there.

You can’t out train a bad diet so forget that.


Bench Press
Perform 4 Drop sets lowering the weight 3 times each set.
For example
Start at 225 lb till failure then immediately drop the weight to 165 till failure then finally drop the weight till 135 till failure and rest and repeat 3 more times.
Have your spotter change the weight for you.

Here’s a little hint on Spotting the Bench Press.
A.  If you touch the Bar on the way up, despite what you say He did not get the rep.  Just cause you touch it with your finger tips still means he did not get the weight.
B.  Don’t spot with your finger tips, if that bar drops it’s gonna drop fast so when you spot you brace yourself and hold it with your hands.  Putting your fingertips out yelling at him doesn’t mean Good Rep.


5 Rounds
20/15 Cal Bike
20 Burpee Box Jumps  24/20
10 Stone Lifts

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