Crossfit Syosset/ Thursday, March 15th


30 on and 30 off for 4 minutes total for each exercise:

Push Ups/ Knee Push Ups/ Push ups off a Box

V Ups/ Crunches

Barbell Shoulder Press/  Push Press  75/45

Back Extension/  Good Mornings

Jumping Squat/  Air Squat

There is no rest between exercises.
Each exercise last for 4 Minutes before you move on to the next.
The seconds and third exercise after the first one is what you can do when you have nothing left and can’t perform the movement.
For ex.  If you are doing Push ups and you can’t do anymore switch to your knees so you can keep going.
The idea is not to rest during the work phase so switch and modify if need be.

Right After the Wod:

Bench Press
7 x 3 Every 75 Seconds

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