Crossfit Syosset/ Thursday, May 31st

For those of you with Bowel problems they created this tool called a plunger.   It’s really amazing how it works, I believe it forces air down the pipe that is clogged therefore forcing the crap that’s in the bowl down and outside to the sewer clearing a path for the next person to use the toilet.
The Plunger is accessible to everyone in the gym, It is not hidden or only for special people to use.
Next time you clog the toilet bowl you need to use the plunger.
Let me tell you what not to do when you clog the toilet bowl, you do not sit there and continuously wipe your ass and stuff toilet paper in a bowl that won’t flush, the toilet paper won’t magically go down the pipe if it’s clogged.
Now I know this isn’t the type of stuff we learn in school but I would have thought that over the years you may have encountered this problem.  If not, now you know so this issue should not arise again.
If it does and I find out who did it I’m going to take a shit in the middle of the gym and throw it at you.
Now I’m usually constipated so at least you will have hard shit thrown at you and not messy diarrhea.

This all by the way is just common place for those of us that live in a civilized society.
Now if a Brown Bear came and took a shit in one of our toilets I would expect him to most likely clog the toilet or not even flush at all but I would think he wouldn’t know how to use toilet paper.
I would like to think of most of us being on the upper quadrant of brain power over a Brown Bear would know all this but ya can never have high expectations in life, hence the clogged bowls.

I wasn’t going to bring this up but It’s really bothering Lauren and other women that walk into a surprise in the women’s room.
It’s called the skidder, its the line of shit left over from someones bowel movement.
This can also be taken care of by the magical toilet wand sitting on the floor next to the toilet bowl, another amazing invention created many moons ago.  There is however more than just one wand, there in all four bathrooms!
We can easily use them just as the cleaning dude can.  Don’t worry, you won’t melt if you pick up a cleaning product.  it’s totally safe for use against skid marks.

What’s say we ban together and start a clean toilet revolution!
We’ll call it “The slippery/skid porcelain movement!  Let’s ban together and make this as important as the Black lives matter movement!


3K Row
300 Double Unders
3 Mile Run

Scaling this would be doing less like 2 of everything or 1, don’t not show up because it looks crazy.

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