Crossfit Syosset/ Thursday, November 2nd

Blast From the Past!  When Harry’s First Spartan and last Spartan Race.
This is when Harry lost a whole person from doing Crossfit, he was Like 250 lbs of messy mess and went down to a lean mean fighting Orthodontist at a fighting weight of 215!
Unfortunately for us Harry got really into Hockey and the Ice has taken over his mind and his body so we don’t see him much anymore
Come Back Barry!!!!!
We miss You!

Why should all women lift weights?
Well, besides the reason everyone should lift weights I feel is so when you get older you don’t become decrepit, fall down and break your hip and expire.

So here’s some more reasons:


1300 Meter Sprint
1 time all out sprint around the block


4 Muscle Ups or 10 Pull ups AND 10 Push Ups
2 Power Snatch (Squat if you need)  @245/160

4 Muscle Ups
4 Power Snatch @225/140

4 Muscle Ups
6 Power Snatch @205/120

4 Muscle Ups
8 Power Snatch @185/100

4 Muscle Ups
10 Power Snatch @165/80

4 Muscle Ups
12 Power Snatch @145/60

4 Muscle Ups
14 Power Snatch @125/40

4 Muscle Ups
16 Power Snatch @105/20

4 Muscle Ups
18 Power Snatch @85/20

Before you say it, I know, You can’t do the weight that is prescribed right?   Yes, well that’s ok, there are 8 sets to the workout.  So figure out what weight to start at in order to be able to keep lowering the weight the whole time for all 8 sets, even if you only lower the weight 5 lbs each time or 2 lbs whatever, just fgure it out and don’t do the same weight.  Try and do the first several sets with a weight that is heavy enough for you to say, (((“Damn! I never done that weight before!)))  
Also when setting up the bar start with the weight you’re going to end up with in the last set and add each set from there so you can just peel off the weight as you go.

The modification for the Muscle Ups is 10 pull ups and 10 Push Ups
Try and focus on performing all your lifts with perfect form and range of motion



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