Crossfit Syosset/ Thursday, September 14th

Eating well is not the easiest thing to do in the world, I know that.
Therefore it doesn’t make sense to just try and change everything around all at once instead of taking your time to change the whole diet around.
If this is you that I’m talking about let me explain how to make this process easier for you.
If you’re used to eating whenever, wherever and whatever you want let’s try and just change one thing at a time.
I’m not going to say eat 7 times a day and make sure that each meal consists of this this and this.
The first thing to do and the most important thing is
1.  Get rid of Sugar in your diet.
Take out all things in your diet that include Sugar.  Here’s an easy way to do it, read the label if it says Sugar or any kind or Sugar don’t eat it!
Do Not Eat Sugar At All!
No Sugar, At All.  Don’t ask me But what about Oatmeal and Bananas.  Google the ingredients, if they say sugar don’t eat it. If it doesn’t say Sugar then you can eat it.

That’s it.  This is the first part of the process.
There’s nothing else at all to do, keep eating when and where you normally eat and keep eating what you eat just make sure it has no sugar in it.
Remember just google the ingredients and make sure it says “0” under sugar.


1 Hang Clean pull
1 Hang Muscle Clean
1 Hang Power Clean
1 Power Clean
Complete 1 rep of each exercise and 7 sets of the full complex


500   Meter Row
50     Double Unders
50     Crunches
50     Hip Extensions

400  Meter Row
40    Double Unders
40     Crunches
40     Hip Ext.

300   Meter Row
30     Double Under
30     Crunches
30     Hip Ext.

200  Meter Row
20     Double Unders
20     Crunches
20     Hip Ext.

100   Meter Row
10     Double Under
10     Crunches
10     Hip Ext.

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