Crossfit Syosset/ Tuesday, December 6th

Question and Answer time. I ask the question, you give me YOUR answer.
Here we go, answer with honesty.
I need to know, what your reason it for working out.
Do you workout for because you want to be healthy?
Do you workout for aesthetics purposes?
Do you workout cause your Dr. told you to?
Do you workout cause everyone else works out?
Maybe you have a different reason, whatever it is I need to know.
So, unlike the usual emails that don’t require a response, just a nod.
This email requires a real response, so send me one.
It’s upsetting when I ask for a response and don’t get it.


5 x 3 add 5lbs from last week

This was a workout in the games. I’m curious where everyone stands so let’s give it a go.

1,000 meter Row*
50 Thrusters (95/65 lb)
30 Bar Muscle-Ups

Time Cap: 10/11 minutes

*The 1,000-m Row must be completed in under 3:40 for the women and under 3:15 for the men.
(Try and complete this in time)

You can scale it by doing a lighter weight with the Thrusters and doing pull ups for the muscle ups.
If you are scaling, scale the workout so you can do it all the way through without stopping.
If you’re not scaling it then come in below the time cap.

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