Crossfit Syosset/ Tuesday, July 10th

What’s More important, Completing the workout quickly with no regard for technique or form?  Only focusing on the clock and how fast you can get done even if it means flirting with injury?
This should be an easy to answer question yet for some reason this way of thinking seems to make it’s way through the gym like a wildfire.
You would think that this would never happen but it does way too often.
Focusing on technique and form should always be numero uno, don’t worry about the weight you’re doing or worrying about how fast you’re going.  Focus purely on how well you do the movements and your posture as to avoid injury.
Move at a speed that you can handle and a weight that you are able to lift without sacrificing form.


Shoulder Complex
3 Rds.

Shoulder Press Till Failure
Push Press Till Failure
Push Jerk Till Failure


50  Cal Row
50  Step Overs D.B. @50/30
50  Deadlift @185/115
50  Wall Balls @20/14
50  Cal Bike
50  Wall Balls
50  Deadlift
50  Step Overs
50  Cal Row

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