Crossfit Syosset/ Tuesday, May 23rd

Ok, I know these wonderful Bathrooms we have in the gym can be confused as your home bathroom but unfortunately they aren’t which means there are other people shitting and showering in them.
Which means when you use them please take all of your stuff with your when you leave.

Also it would be great if we can keep them as nice as they are now so we don’t have to shit and shower in a crap hole down the road which would mean the cleaner we keep them the better off we will all be.
So, if you could not leave a puddle of water on the floor after your shower that would be so awesome, if you could also not leave shit on the sides of the bowl and facial hair in the sink that would be Super Awesome!  If you are not aware there are toilet wands to the side of the toilet, if you embrace everyone with the dinner you had the night before and leave it in the bowl do us all a favor and use one of these wands to clean it.  If you have a mother, grandmother, sister or maids that clean up after you at home, oh well you don’t have them here so do it yourself.  Although your shit may smell like roses as do my farts no one wants to see them.

We are blessed enough that I am too lazy to get those hair dryers and keep buying paper towels, because of this please don’t use a whole roll to wipe your hands after washing them.
I know, it’s a lot to remember but I’m sure if you make it a goal to keep them clean and try and follow all the other things I requested it can be done.   I have faith in all of you!
Just keep them clean and I’ll be happy.  They are cleaned all during the week but that doesn’t last long if one person goes in there and treats it like crap.

Please join me in this “keep the bathrooms clean” Program.   If we all help each other we can succeed


5 x 5 @75%
Every 90 seconds

12 Min Amrap
5 Handstand Push up
10 Hang Split Snatch @135/95
20 Wall Ball @20/14

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