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Having a conversation with someone yesterday morning after Murph made me realize that for most people following Paleo just isn’t the key.
Being so broad as to say just follow the paleo diet isn’t precise enough and if you don’t look into the Paleo diet, research it and really understand what it’s all about it’s not going to work for most.

For Great results there needs to be some kind of configuration of MacroNutrients not just eating as much protein and fat as you want and hoping for the best.

What I followed before Crossfit started promoting the Paleo diet (which I believe was because it’s easy to explain and unfortunately gives the impression that there is no work involved was the Zone Diet.
First of all if something is going to work well there will always be a lot of work going into it.
If you are serious about it and really want to succeed at it you will put the work in.

Thing about the Zone diet is, it takes work.  You have to figure out the correct amount of Macro’s in your diet (also known as Blocks) and you have to prepare your food to always have it ready throughout the day.
Its too hard to find the correct number of blocks without having it prepared.
With this said, it really is a great diet and you will really see great results.  There’s too many people that say they don’t get great results from Paleo for whatever reason.  Maybe some people don’t react well to cutting out carbs all together.

When every new member used to join I would give out paperwork explaining what the Zone diet is, how to fine your number of blocks and what you can eat in those blocks.
So here it is:

You can find your number of blocks here

Then you can find the foods that create the blocks with this:

If you are serious about wanting to lose fat and will really do whatever it takes to make it happen this is the way to go.

With these two links it’s easy to figure out what you need to eat and what you will be eating.  Try it,

when I say try it I mean give it a good two months without cheating and see what happens.


1 Power Clean + Front Squat
Complete 1 rep of each 7 times


12 Minute Amrap
50 Double Unders
10 Power Snatch @135/95

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