Crossfit Syosset/ Tuesday, October 24th

Shoulder Press
Work your way up to a heavy set of 5 and keep the weight there for all 5 sets
These are strict shoulder presses. There is NO leg drive whatsoever.
Do not start to use your legs because the weight is getting heavy. That’s not how this works, keep your legs locked and your core stable while you only use your arms to drive the weight upwards. Straight upwards, not out in front of you then upward.
You drive with your elbows. No legs, no legs at all, none.

4 Rounds
Row 500
20 Swings @55/35
(Each rep should be 100% effort. Do not just throw the KB, snap it forward. Driving the KB forward is a violent movement, you’re not just pushing your hips forward.)
40 Sit ups

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