Crossfit Syosset/ Tuesday, September 4th

So, too continue from yesterday let’s have a discussion on Fasting.
Some of you have heard of Fasting or may have done it before so let me brush up on some info that may help you guys with which one if at all too do.

First lets talk about all the different types of Fasting techniques you can incorporate.
There’s the 16:8 Fast most of you may have heard of which is Fasting for 16 Hours and then an 8 hour window of eating.
This is the one we are going to talk about today.
There are people who do this all the time and there are people who incorporate this into their eating regiment every so often.

Some mistakes people make when doing this Fast are:
1.  Not eating enough good wholesome foods when your window is open.  You need to eat a good amount of good fats during your 8 hours of eating
2.  Some think that you can have creamers or cream in your coffee during your 16 hours of fast, YOU CAN’T!
3.  Some have their BCAA drinks during their workouts during the fast portion.  This is a no no.
4.  Not drinking enough water is another mistake that happens too often.  You need to drink more water than normal during the Fast portion of the diet.
5.  Not taking minerals during the Fast.  Your body needs Sodium, Potassium and Magnesium during the fast.  (this one is not so important during the 16:8 fast as it is with other fasts we’ll be talking about)

If you can try and train right before you break the fast.  After you train go and get yourself a big meal of good quality foods.
Some say you can eat what you want during the 8 hour window but obviously the Fast will work better if you eat well during your window.
Again try and get some quality fats and a good amount of fiber in also.
Your meals should decrease in size as the 8 hour window closes and your last meal should’t be you stuffing your face with every last bit of food in the fridge before the 16 hour fast starts, its only 16 hours not the rest of your life.

Your body increase GH levels when you fast, that’s why your highest level of Growth is in the morning after not eating all night
So this fast will increase GH production.  Another Fast which we’ll talk about tomorrow will even increase more production of GH levels.

Why does you body burn more fat during this type of fast?
Fasting forces your body to tap into it’s Fat Storage for energy.

Fasting increases insulin Sensitivity which means not being able to eat as many carbs at one meal at a time.

Helps aid in your Gut Health.  Digestion of any foods takes 65% of energy from your body causing your Gut never to catch a break.  If you fast your Gut gets to restore itself working better when you do break the fast.

Fasting helps aid in Autophagy the breaking down of bad cells and getting rid of the through excretion

It is important to remember not to overeat during your 8 hour window of eating especially if weight loss is your main goal.


Back Squat
20 Reps
Add 5 lbs from last week


15 Min AMRAP

30 Double Unders
12 Power Snatch @75/45
9 Push Ups or Dips

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