Crossfit Syosset/ Wednesday, April 5th

So this post if for all you females who still pray to the Scale God everyday that the little triple beam on the top will move however so slightly to the left.   Please, Please move Lord I did so well for 3 days straight!!!

As I have said before, “Fuck the Scale God!!!!”
Use the mirror, you’re a great critic of yourself.   The scale is a Big Fat Liar, it can tell you one thing and mean another.
The scale can tell you your Fat and Heavy meanwhile you can have a lower Body fat than the other Fat and Heavy person next to you who is really Fat and Heavy.

The Scale also lies the other way, It can tell you that you’re skinny and don’t weight much “OMG!  Im so light this is wonderful!
Meanwhile the Bodyfat Truck tells you the opposite and has got you at a lean and mean 32%Body fat!!
Yeah!! This makes sense,   this is me  being funny.
Understand my humor Dammit!

Take a looksie for yourself.  Here’s our own Kelly in her Fat Picture and Her Lean mean picture .
In Picture Uno she was 155 lbs at around an obese and mess of 25% Bodyfat!  Ouch!
Then Picture Due Is Kelly smoking at 15% Body Fat (which i think is complete and utter Bullshit and it’s more like 10% with abs like that 15% is super high)
So that’s 10 lbs less than picture uno yet at least 15% body Fat less

Once again listen up, FUCK THE SCALE!!!!  It means absolutely nothing at all it’s just there to fuck with your head!


Seated Dumbbell Tricep Extension 10 Reps
Dips 8 Reps
Close Grip Bench Press 6 Reps
Push Up till Failure
Complete 3 Sets of this complex with as heavy weight as possible for each exercise, make sure the push ups are done till failure not where you think you can fail.


20 seconds on and 10 seconds off
Bike for Calories
Sit ups for reps
Row For Calories
Stone Lifts
Double Unders

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