Crossfit Syosset/ Wednesday, February 15th

So, Reena knows that I had to make this post about her tonight after today’s episode.
The Open Wod 13.5 had some people a little confused.  Four minutes, that’s weird.  Wait, if I don’t finish I just stop… after 4 minutes that’s it!
I don’t get it, what else do I do?   This makes no sense.  How is this a workout!
Not only 4 minutes but you want me to use light weight and a heavy band for pull ups?
This is weird.

Let me explain.  First understand what we are after, INTENSITY!!!!!

Here is the story.  Reena is one of the people who was confused by today’s workout, too short, not heavy, 4 minutes, heavy band etc… it all had her thrown for a loop.

I told Reena and Everyone else who worked out today to try and use light weight for the Thrusters and a heavy band that will allow them to do Their Thrusters and pull ups straight through without stopping.
Oxygen consumption.  Rest is the enemy, we want to keep moving to keep forcing our bodies to use oxygen at high rate instead of stopping.  Even stopping for 10 seconds gives your body enough time to recover.  We don’t want to recover.
Anyway, Reena did 10 lb dumbbell thrusters which she would normally use 15 or 20 and she used a heavy green band to which she would normally use skinny ones.   With much doubt that this workout would do anything to her she embarked on her 4 minutes of Hell!
After only a couple of minutes Reena’s breath got heavy.  Within 3 minutes she was gasping for air and it was noticeable that she was definitely in an uncomfortable state.  But I wouldn’t let her stop!
She made it through the first 3 rounds in the 4 minutes and to her dismay was awarded an extra 4 minutes to perform another AMRAP.

Reena was Ready to pass out after the first 4 minutes of work but I forced her to do as much as she could for the next four minutes.  After now a total of 6 minutes of work Reena’s eyes had glazed over, her breath was so heavy I couldn’t hear the music, she was moving at half the pace she started with but yet she fought through it and kept moving till the next 4 minutes was over.

After 8 minutes of work Reena sat down in a complete daze, not able to breathe correctly, couldn’t say a word and If I asked her what her name was she would have replied “What the Fuck Just Happened to Me!”
Which actually I think she did say that after 10 minutes of no movement whatsoever.

Renee has never felt like this before, why?  Because she never goes this intensely before.
Point of the story:
1.  You do not need a lot of weight, it’s all relative.  Choose a weight you can keep moving with not a heavy one because the Rx is heavy.
2.  Choose a modification that will also allow you to keep moving
3.  Don’t stop!!!! Especially on the short workouts  Don’t stop!!!
4.  Move as fast as you can at a weight that is good For YOU not anyone else.

Reena learned a valuable lesson today, I’m hoping this story will help many others learn the same.


Hollow Rock
V Up
3 Min Plank


4 Minute Amrap x 4 Rounds with 2 minute rest

30 Double Unders
15 Power Snatch @75/55
10 Ball Slam

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