Crossfit Syosset/ Wednesday, January 24th

I know I’ve mentioned this before but it definitely deserves mentioning again.  If you have any kind of problems with flexibility, mobility, technique issues, back issues, neck issues, tendinitis, etc… You do not need to lift heavy weights to get a good workout.  If you need to lighten the weight, modify the movement, totally change the movement etc… Please do so.  Don’t try and kill yourself doing heavy weight with bad technique or forcing a movement with poor mobility.  I can guarantee you will eventually get injured Your body can’t keep compensating and stay healthy.
Take care of yourself or your body will not take care of you .


Row For Calories
Front Squat @ 50-60% max

Rest 5 minutes

60 Cal Row
50 Burpee Over Bar
40 GHD Sit ups
30 Hang Power Cleans @115/75
20 Overhead Squat @115/75

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