Crossfit Syosset/ Wednesday, July 12th

This is the post I was going to write about before I read this quote today, I’ll tell you the quote after I write the post.
Let me tell you what bothers me.  It’s when you guys work your asses off in the gym, eat well when you’re out of the gym, put your time and effort into making your body look the way you want it to and never enjoying the accomplishments you made because all you care about is what you want to look like or think about how it’s not enough.
This is crazy!
Enjoy what you have done to change your body in the present, you worked hard to get where you are so give yourself some credit and be happy with where you are at not always thinking about where you want to be.  Keep doing this and before your know it there is no where you want to be.
Start enjoying the way you look for you not for anyone else but yourself and let the the future “You” just happen with your hard work.
So stop telling me you want to lose more or you’re not happy with what you’ve done so far.
With that said here’s the quote I saw which unfortunately is true.

“The reality is no one really cares if you succeed, and those that you think are your friends that care usually talk shit behind your back because they don’t want you to be more successful than them.
Every one will doubt you and your ability.
But that’s ok because none of that matters, the only thing they should never doubt or question is your work ethic, your ability to bust your ASS day in and day out.

As dark as the quote seems sometimes it’s the truth.  This is why you work for you and you only and you enjoy what you have accomplished.  Don’t try and change the way you look for anyone but yourself.


20 Rep Back Squat
This is the 17th session.  This should be pretty fucking grueling by now


5 Rounds

10  Power Snatch @135/95
10 Toes to Bar
10 Ball Slams

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