Crossfit Syosset/ Wednesday, October 25th

Alright!  Back by unpopular demand will be the CHALK!
I have purchased two Gymnastics Chalk Bowls that look exactly like this:

Beautiful isn’t it!  Expensive too so let’s try and treat these bodacious beauty’s as if…

I’ll be making an instructional video on how to correctly apply the chalk to your hands from this nifty little Pup!
During this instructional video you will learn not only the quick and efficient application of chalk onto the human hand but you will also learn a couple of simple tips on keeping things clean and sanitary, something that some of us seem to have not paid attention during class that day… In Kindergarten.

Due to the 2017 Return of the Chalk and it’s Fine Plastics Friend, “The Chalk Bowler”
This Brilliant tool, and I call it a tool due to the assistance you get from the chalk for your workouts.  Hence the “Tool”.

Although this Dream (I call it a dream because I had to pinch myself when I saw it’s picture) seems like a very simple way to make your Michael Jackson Hands, It isn’t.  For some reason that is definitely unknown and foreign to myself  something this simple will inevitably be very difficult to make happen.
Let’s start by first saying:
a.  The Chalk belongs in two places, either in the bucket or on your hands.  Let’s talk about where the chalk doesn’t belong
The chalk doesn’t belong
1.  On the Floor!
2.  On the Bar (other than that that was put there by nothing other than, YOUR HANDS
3.  On the Rig, or shall I say All Over the Rig!
4.  Caked on the bars for the next person to hold your nasty (as nasty as you may think you aren’t) chalk marks
5.  All over the Bathrooms  (this is kinda common sense, which I don’t mean to be to Cliche’e but Common sense isn’t too common
6.  All over the couches where people sit and relax, in a pool of caked up Chalk
7.  And finally Bricks of chalk belong in the Bowls, NOT and when I say NOT I Mean “they do not belong” anywhere other than in the Bowl

Let’s see if we can really make this happen and Keep the chalk in the bucket, apply it like ladies and gentlemen.

Thank you for you patience and tenacity


Back Squat
6 x 6 @70-75%
2 Min Intervals


12 Min Amrap
3    Thruster @185/135
6    C2B Pull up
9    Push Up
12  Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift High Pull @70/45

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