Crossfit Syosset/ Wednesday, September 27th

What’s the most important piece of the workout that makes what we do so potent?
Yes, intensity.
How do we make sure we have intensity?
Yes, we move fast and push ourselves to lift as heavy as we can with maintaining proper form and full range of motion.
If one of those two important parts of our recipe for intensity starts to break down, we don’t go heavier we actually will lower the weight, right?
Well, this is where the problem arises.
You have to know your limitations.  If the weight is going to be too heavy that you are not able to complete the workout with proper form and full range of motion without killing yourself then just simply lower the weight!

Listen, as you know if you have done a good amount of wods already you know that the difficulty level is very much higher than a regular globo gym, but this is why it works so well.

Yes, we do need to keep adding weight if we want our bodies to feel as if they NEED to get better cause without that feeling of NEEDING to get better you won’t improve.  But there is a fine line between knowing when you can’t do something and when you can.
Trying to force yourself to do a heavier weight for whatever reason that maybe, is silly.

Know when you need to stop getting injured is the worse thing in the world to happen to an athlete that is trying to better themselves!
If you think it will make a difference using a much heavier weight in the workout, it will.   You’ll be needing a wheel chair home instead of your car.
Remember, I am saying don’t use a weight that YOU can’t control or a weight that YOU can’t stay tight with or a weight that
Just buries you every time you go to move it.
Be smart and lift for life, be stupid and it won’t last very long.


Back Squat

7 x 3
With 90 seconds rest


1.  20 on 10 off for 4 minutes
Pull ups
1 min rest

2.  20 on 10 off for 4 Minutes
Bike (cal)
1 Min rest

3.  20 on 10 off for 4 minutes
Ball Slams 20/10
1 Min rest

4.  20 on 10 off for 4 minutes


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