Crossfit Syosset/ Thursday, September 28th

Alright, we’re starting something that I know all of the women will be sooooo Happy!
Starting On Sunday October 1st We’ll be starting a new challenge!
The Place:  Wherever You want
The Time:  Whenever You want
The Person:  YOU!

The Challenge:
25    Lunges for 25 Days
50    Lunges for 25 Days
75    Lunges for 25 Days
100  Lunges for 25 Days

This Challenge will assure all of you women an Ass like a Boulder and Legs like Steel, Fuck Buns of Steel!
We gonna have Buns of Lusciousness!!!

All the Lunges must be Full Lunges with your back knee hitting the ground (You can put something down to absorb the blow from your knee, which I recommend)
Make sure you keep your front shin vertical and a 90 degree angle between your front knee.


Clean and Jerk  @185/115
Complete 30 Reps Total
Do not try and kill yourself take your time and reset between reps, don’t just pull the bar off the ground with no consideration for your spine, take a deep breath in and tighten up before each rep


Row 500 x 4
Rest 3 Minutes
Sprint the 500 meters as fast as you can while maintaining good form.
Try and keep all four pieces around the same time, don’t blow yourself out of the water the first one and then can’t do anything else.
Keep your core tight for all pieces and use your legs to drive hard through the row

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