Crossfit Syossset/ Monday, June 10th


Back Squat
Working off 90% 1 rep max from last week
Warm up: 3 x 5 @45-55%
Work sets: 5 @65%, 5 @75%, 5+ @85%


Every minute for 28 minutes, alternating between:
-Min 1: Bike 12/8 cals
-Min 2: Kettlebell swings 15 reps @55/35
-Min 3: Double under 50 reps
-Min 4: GHD sit up 10 reps

Now that it’s summer and everyone has shit to go to, does that mean everyone starts eating like crap?
Is this what happens when the weather gets nice? It’s nice outside, I’m gonna let myself go for the summer, doy!
I always thought it was the other way around, you tighten up your diet when the nice weather hits, no?
I can understand drinking more, but eating more shit than you normally eat, that’s just a double whammy.
You can’t do that! It’s either one or the other. Either drink and don’t eat or eat and don’t drink, can’t have it both ways. I assume you know I’m talking about eating crap not eating well. If you are eating well than drinking won’t be so bad. But, drinking and then binge eating, Oooof!!
Forget it, you just fucking destroyed your body, just go to sleep for a day, hopefully when you wake up your body will be back to normal.
Don’t be a glutton, have some fucking sympathy for your body.
You been given a healthy body, don’t destroy it over your fuckin love of food, that’s irresponsible and fuckin ridiculous.
You can get away with shit if you always eat well. Why am I still repeating myself?
I shouldn’t even have to fuckin say this anymore, what the fuck.
How many fucking times do I have to say, you need to eat well consistently?
Consistency, that’s the only way you’re going to see a change in your body.
Just fuckin do it! I don’t get it, I really don’t. Stop with the excuses, so fuckin annoying. You have a reason you don’t eat well, it’s a dumbass excuse.
You brush your teeth twice a day, don’t you? If you don’t call Peter Barkoff and get your teeth checked out, he’s right in Syosset.
You know what helps keep your teeth healthy? Not eating shit!!!! Am I right Peter?
It’s just fucking food! They’ve created this thing around food that makes it so enticing, it’s not, it’s just food.
What if you didn’t have to eat, would you still keep eating shit?
My question is, are you eating shit because you have to eat and you can’t control yourself, or are you eating shit cause you love the taste of it?
If it’s the latter, that’s a fuckin problem.
Is anyone reading this shit!
Geez c’mon man, I’d rather see you smoke crack then eat shit!
You can’t feel good if you’re’ not eating well. You may think you feel good but you have no idea how “good” feels when you eat well.
Instead of your poor body suffering everyday trying to counteract the crap you put in it why not give your gut a chance to heal and feel good.
You think your guts happy about having to battle everyday cause of what you put in it? Yes, your gut has feelings and you’re fuckin em up.
Change, just fucking change the way you eat already for crying out loud.

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