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Jordan’s Realization

jordanJordan Kerker has been with us for a while now.

Jordan realized that looking great takes the will to be able to eat right all the time when he decided to join our last weight loss contest.  Not only did he realize that eating is a huuuuuuuuuuuuugggggggggge part of the equation but he also realized that intensity is much more important than length of the workout session and being as I mentioned before a genetic freak helps a ton.

Now, Unless you are a lucky genetic freak you need to eat well all the time.  This doesn’t just mean the right foods (basically eating clean) but also the amount of food is gigantic!
Not eating enough calories will throw your body into a state of panic thinking it isn’t going to be fed enough your body will do whatever it needs to to start holding onto weight which means SLOoooooooowwww you down.

Slowing your metabolism down will allow your body to hang on to unwanted fat. But because you don’t feed your body enough this is your bodies defense to a lack of calories.

Don’t get caught up into the Abyss of Starvation to achieve Fat Loss.  It’s the worst thing you can do to yourself other than sticking bamboo under your finger nails I hear that’s no fun either.  But for now let’s just focus on eating well and eating enough.

Again if you are not sure about the amount of calories you should be consuming whether it be too add weight or drop weight get yourself the “My Fitness Pal” App,  it’s very easy to use and works very well.

Training and Diet – This Drives me NUTS!

There’s some stuff that drives me nuts. Why? I’m not sure, I guess that’s another one of my issues but again at least I recognize it.

What is it that drives me crazy?

Training and Diet. To be more specific, people’s beliefs of Training and Diet.

First let’s talk bout diet.

Dieting is numero uno, you want to look good? You want to be ripped? You want to perform better? You want to feel great?


That’s it, PERIOD! EAT RIGHT, there is no way around it. You will not look how we all want to look unless you eat right or you are among the 25% of the population that is able to eat shit and look great. There’s no way to fight it.

You have to eat right, switching gyms, switching diets, switching your mattress, switching your fitbit or switching your tequila, none of this shit will work. There is no way around it you have to eat right to look good so stop trying to search for something else. You know who knows this? People that have actually took the time and determination to eat well for a long time.

Do you know why the Diet industry is a multi billion dollar industry? It’s not because we all have great will power and we can all look in the mirror and say I’m fat I eat shit I need to eat well and then do it. It is a multi billion dollar industry because most of us will not take the accountability for eating crap and take blame for the way they look. Most of us will not say I’m fat because of me and I need to change. The industry knows this and they take advantage of it tremendously!

Don’t be a statistic in the Diet industry, change the way they think.

As far as training, if you don’t weight train you will not put on muscle. Without muscle you can’t burn a tremendous amount of calories. Why? Because fat doesn’t burn calories, muscle does. So when you sit there doing cardio machine after cardio machine and boot camp after boot camp what you are doing is number one NOT putting any muscle on your frame at all but even worse your burning the muscle you worked so hard to get!!!!

That’s insane!!!

Seriously WTF!

YOU and EVERYONE needs to weight train heavy, (no weight training doesn’t make you fat, eating shit makes you fat… another thing people won’t take blame for). Think about it, people would rather say weight training makes me fat than say I eat shit therefore I am fat. Boggles my mind.

Train Fast, Hard and Heavy and Eat well and I guarantee you will look how you want to look.

And ya know what is best? You don’t have to be in the book that the Diet Industry reads before they come out with a product to fool you or a gimmick to make you think it’s not you it’s something else. You Train Hard, Heavy and Fast and Eat well and you will owe your amazing figure all to yourself and no one else. No bullshit diet gimmick program crap just YOU!
And what do I always say?

It’s YOU, It’s ALL YOU!!!!!!

WOD for Wednesday 9/28/16

Bench Press
5 x 3
3 Reps EMOM

Turkish Get up
10 Reps HEAVY

3 Rounds
5 Min Amrap
5 Pull up
10 Push Up
15 Air Squat
2 Min Rest

The Importance of Intensity

One thing I notice is really not the technique that’s lacking with some of you guys on your Olympic work.

The thing that is most lacking is your intensity.

You can have good technique but if you don’t try hard to move the weight it won’t matter much how good your technique is. When some of you guys jump before pulling yourself under the bar there’s no sign of intensity just a small jump.

I can guarantee if you guys put more effort into your jump and try as hard as you can you would move more weight. You have to try as hard as you can to move the weight it won’t just move itself.

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